The choir has many "Behind the Scenes" volunteers and its success relies on their dedication. We would like to recognize these individuals and thank them for their service to the organization.

Choir Council

Mary Muth, President Susan Johnson, Vice President
Christopher Whitney, President (Emeritus) Chaunce Monta, Secretary
Judy Fay Catherine Guenzel
Roberta Harding Raighne Kirk
Oliver Flint
Sherry Lichtenwalner
Eric Muth


Committees & Appointed Positions

Ad Sales: Laura Steere Administration: Sue Jenkins
Archivist: Nancy Wicklund-Gray Auditions: Catherine Guenzel
CD Sales: Stephen Luebke Choir Attendance: Cynthia Regan
Communications: Oliver Flint Concert Dress: Cheryl Stitzinger
Concert Programs: Cynthia Regan Finance: Kevin Norris
Front of House: Frank Levy Fundraising: Linda Felt
Governance: Joseph Wingert Hospitality: Judith Fay
House Manager: Tom Harding Information Systems: Mike Mueller
Librarian: Roberta Harding Marketing: Milo Morris
Membership: Sherry Lichtenwalner New Member Liaison: Raighne Kirk
Outreach: Lou White Production: Steve Mallon, Eric Muth, Raighne Kirk
Rehearsal Set up: David Doughty, Brent Gerhart Special Events: Kathy Lambert
Ticket Managers: Anna Saul, Rachel Sanders Travel: Lisa Landley
Webmaster: Allen Regan  

Section Coordinators

Soprano I: Lee Clemens Soprano II: Deborah Lee
Alto I: Lois Moore
Assistant: Mary Ernst
Alto II: Dawn Irwin
Tenor I: Tony Fazey Tenor II: Chaunce Monta
Bass I: Amletto Pucci Bass II: Charles Smith


Vocal Section Leaders

Soprano I & II: Susan Johnson Alto I & II: Ruth Warneck
Tenor I & II: Steve Rowe Bass I & II: Milo Morris

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