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This is where you'll find the latest news about the choir, so check back here often to keep track of us. We also post on Facebook, Twitter - plenty of ways to keep in touch with us!

Latest News for the 2017 - 2018 Season


New Podcast series introducing the Berlioz Requiem!

February 6, 2018

Choral Society Artistic Director Thomas Lloyd has just posted the first in a series of podcast episodes introducing the Berlioz Requiem through audio samples comparing the very different ways Mozart, Berlioz, and Verdi set the same words from the Latin requiem mass. He also explores the question "Why do choral singers and audiences so love our Requiems?"

The podcast is available by searching for "Berlioz Requiem" and looking for the photo of our singers in brilliant red stoles on any of these apps:

Apple Podcasts (iPhone)
Google Play Music (Android phones)

Once you have found the podcast, click on 'subscribe' to automatically receive new episodes as Tom takes us through each movement one at a time leading up to our Sunday, March 18, 2018 performance at 4:00 in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Doylestown. For tickets, visit our website!

The Diva JoAnne

September 23, 2017

The Bucks County Choral Society is pleased to present "The Diva JoAnne" as our entry into the Peddler's Village Scarecrow Competition and Display. Created by artist (and Choral Society alto) Valorie Wigen and assembled by a team of helpers using "found" items, JoAnne is an artistic and whimsical representation of a true diva. She is dressed with a variety of ribbon, a chunky gold necklace, a musically appropriate bow and an elegantly placed fascinator atop her head. In her right hand she holds all the information about the 45th Anniversary Season of Firsts for the Choral Society.

Please vote! All voting is by paper ballot, and ballots are available in each of the shops at Peddler's Village. The Diva JoAnne is located in the main courtyard area, right outside the Cock 'n Bull restaurant. The ballot must have all information completed in order to be counted, including your contact information. Please vote for entry #2 in the Group Category. The entry box is located in the lobby of the Cock 'n Bull Restaurant. Voting is open until Monday, October 9.

Thank you for your support of this first entry into the competition in our season of firsts! When you go to vote, spend a few minutes around JoAnne and talk to some of the visitors that pass by. It's a great way to start a conversation! It's also an opportunity to tell members of the community about the Bucks County Choral Society and invite them to come to our concerts. It's easy to remind them to snap a picture of the season flyer, which includes our website address, so they'll have all of the information they need!

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