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Audition for the Choir

BCCS holds auditions throughout the year by appointment. To arrange an audition with the Choral Society, please contact us via the Audition Form at the bottom of this page. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required. If you are having trouble with the Audition Form, please make your request by leaving a message for the Auditions Coordinator at 215-230-3836. Qualified applicants will be contacted directly to make an audition appointment.

Special auditions for our 45th anniversary season performance of the Berlioz Requiem:

The Choral Society welcomes auditions from experienced tenors and basses who would like to join us specifically for the Berlioz Requiem program on Sunday, March 18, 2018. Please indicate this in the "comments" box of the audition form below. Dues will be waived for guests joining us for this concert only. There are two options for joining the Choral Society for this concert:

1) Tenors or basses who have never sung the Berlioz before can do a regular audition to sing just the Berlioz cycle; attendance requirement would be the same as for regular members (maximum 2 excused absences per concert cycle). Rehearsals start on Tuesday, January 9th.   

2) Tenors or basses who have sung the Berlioz before sign up for an audition that would include singing a few passages from the Berlioz to demonstrate they know their part.  They would commit to attend the last piano rehearsal, March 6th and both orchestra rehearsals, March 13th  and 17th and would be welcome at earlier rehearsals as they are able.  Berlioz audition times can be requested for Philadelphia and Haverford locations as well as Doylestown.

Expectations for prospective singers:

  • sufficient fluency in music reading to be able to learn music independently and not exclusively by ear;
  • at least two years of recent experience singing in a community, school, or church choir that regularly performs classical style repertoire;
  • availability for weekly Tuesday night rehearsals (7:30-10:00pm) from September through June at Lenape Valley Presbyterian Church, located at 321 West Butler Avenue in New Britain, PA; a maximum of two missed rehearsals is allowed during each concert period; singers may be excused in advance from a single concert period because of work or family obligations, but are normally expected to sing all four subscription programs (with the exception of tenors and basses audition just for the Berlioz Requiem in 2018);
  • payment of annual dues of $125 and purchase of individual music, as ordered by BCCS; singers joining the choir mid-season will pay dues proportional to the number of concerts remaining that season

Auditions will consist of:

  • vocalizing up and down your range on a simple five-note scale (vi----ah----i)
  • tonal memory exercises (listening to 4-note melodies on the piano and then singing them back accurately)
  • tonal sight-reading
  • performing a song, aria, or hymn of your choice
Qualified current high school juniors and seniors are welcome to audition for BCCS, but only with the approval of their school choir director and certification that the BCCS schedule would not conflict with their school choir's schedule.


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