Community Outreach

Recent years have marked an increase in the group's interaction with the community and involvement in community affairs - several outreach programs are designed to equip new audiences to enjoy and participate in the musical experience. The Singing for Seniors program reaches out to a growing segment of the population. The Choral Society's commitment to young area musicians is also strong - performance and scholarship opportunities are provided for budding singers through the Bucks County Music Educators Choral Festival, Summer Vocal Workshops at Westminster Choir College, and more.

Singing for Seniors

Tomas Lloyd rehearsing the Singing for Seniors Festival Choir

Singing For Seniors

Recent scientific studies show that singing in one's golden years can have a salutary effect on emotional, physical, and mental vitality. The mission of Bucks County Choral Society's Singing for Seniors workshop and concert program is to acknowledge this valuable asset, and to promote it to Bucks County's growing population of 55+ seniors. With a variety of progressive activities, BCCS, the Choral Society's artistic director Thomas Lloyd, and workshop leader Dr. Helen Kemp have placed themselves at the forefront of the movement to keep active music-making alive well into the later years of life. Says Kemp, "You don't stop singing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop singing." Please note that individual singers and organized choirs are welcome at the Senior Sings events.

Want more information on our program? See our Singing For Seniors page or drop us a note on our Contact page.


Scholarship Program

2016 Scholarship Winner

For many of us in the Choral Society our first singing experiences began in our high school choirs. It was at that point that the joy of singing and performing became either a vocation or avocation lasting all of our adult years. Today, the Choral Society wishes to nurture this joy in young singers. The Choral Society annually presents one fully funded scholarship to the Westminster Choir College’s Summer Programs, which include either a residential or non-residential options. The scholarship includes room and board. For more information regarding Westminster's programs go to the Rider University website.

The scholarships are awarded to 9th through 12th grade students who are participating in a Bucks County public, parochial or private school chorus or choral activity at their school and/or their church. The program involves either Westminster's Vocal Institute (July 2 - July 15) or Musical Theater (July 16 - July 30). An application form and recommendation form can be downloaded below. The application must be accompanied by a written recommendation from a school choir director, private voice instructor or church choir director. Application deadline is April 30, 2017 and the winner will be announced on May 2, 2017.


Scholarship Application Form

Recommendation Application Form

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